Me South Armagh 81

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Solid Brass Prizzie!! PO Trg at 7 Sigs Trg Wng forces sweetheart with squaddies A Sect. Crimmin Troop  (RAMC) 1984 Sword 3 Letter from my MP Eight Lives Down by Chris Hunter Me South Armagh 81 HMS Bulwark - offshore Dunkirk - Help for Heroes 2008 6893 6971 7524 7606 Corp of drums with Bodelwyddan Church in the back ground various Reichstag 1984
  1. jack-daniels
    What the fcuk is that on your head? A wooly cap?
  2. Trotsky
    sort that cam cream out son
  3. Gremlin
    Trots - your make-up regime was always sh1te!! :wink:
  4. Wija
    Did your Troop Sgt give you a brown mootah, with matching earings and goaty?
  5. crabtastic
    Bit overdressed for a spot of dogging, aren't we?