me at home in oz pre iraq down with work!

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copterman Eat my dust Rocketeer's C.O. and Adt. Now that what  I call real camouflage 2804 THIS SHOULD BE GOOD Capt Plume does CIMIC me at home in oz pre iraq down with work! 3904 Stoatman and Cloggie with the ARRSE Caravanning Club Billy Big Timer Spooning at 13,500 ft. handsome legionaire in calvi..1996 5181 5337 5409
  1. sandmanfez
    Just a hint of man-boob there Rob, you might want to try a few press-ups. :wink:
  2. Father_Dougal
    Man Boobs, a few press ups, he needs a fcuking bra, C cup :wink:
  3. pentwyn
    seeing you out in aus , Its making me sad because i cant fly to aus and see my family :cry:
  4. Interceptor
    Careful mate. Drinking too much beer can make you fat... :lol:
  5. Take2
    have you just pooed in your nappy?