Me and 2 of my dogs I am in the middle

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Dolly. The cat sat on the Mac Honey our Newfoundland doing what comes naturally! BONNIE 6897 Toonies Mutt My names Loki, and I'm an alchoholic My monster of a cat, Jack Me and 2 of my dogs I am in the middle Mrs VB's dog looking for a suitable spot to curl one down Tings big baby Psycho cat Keeping Cool! Persec prevails Cherrypinks pups Wikka the Rhodie The new puppy
  1. DrStealth
    nice looking dogs!! absolute class
  2. Henry_Tombs
    How old are they?
    Bitch is 5 in this pic and dog is 10,Bitch is leggy and very fast,dog is a great guard
  4. pipster
    very cute
  5. bobcarwillie
    lucky u ...twins !