mastifs all in a line

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Herrick 11 - Sangin 4356 Troops at the gates of Buckingham Palace IED's are a pain in the ARRSE Sappers sand bagging 51 para Sqn 7515 I think that's the way home! mastifs all in a line Waiting for the chopper Stand Down 7365 Herrick 7 CLP C Coy, 3 PARA in Zumbeley contact. WMIK patrol in Nowzad Securing the HLS Between Gereshk and FOB Rob
  1. datumhead
    This week down at Withams.......
  2. Cat_Funt
    Righto Fellas move out,Evel Kenivels has cancelled his show
  3. Wija
    Number 10, more still.....
  4. xmg79
    will they ever get a brit driver? or handed straight to the iraqis? and whats the box on the rover wing with the aerial? ECM? Or Bowman?
  5. cvrtgunner
    we do drive them and if you notice this album is of afghan and we dont even know what that bloody box is but whats with the gay hatch shades man up