first 2 mastiff arrive
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Kings Palace, Kabul A Coy and Patrols Pl (3 Para) in Nal Zad. Op Volcano 5496 7471 Walking past the scrapyard Op. Volcano mastiff 5497 7473 Home made tattoos 4938 Missed, good job it was only an empty ammo box! The Moon 7474 Kabul
first 2 mastiff arrive
  1. showman00
    I thougth when you waited for ages for busses they always arrived in 3's
  2. sexybomb
    Best place for em, with broken front axles (Yank sh'ite) - Gate Guardians at RSOI, KAF
  3. DPM_Sheep
    I take it that pair of feet belong to a REME or a Loggie and isn't some bloke who didn't see it coming? :D
  4. cvrtgunner
    tankie acctually