Master X,

Master X, son of Mr Happy takes control
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Mr Happy
Master X, son of Mr Happy takes control
  1. TheLordFlasheart
    Is that all you are going to post in the gallery, Anya? 'What a cute little sprog/hound/vermin'. You are truly a thief of O2 if ever Ive seen one.
  2. FannyAnnie
    New to here so don't want to p1ss on any one's fire. Why, Lord Flashheart, are you a derranged prat? As I see it comments are free and the little boy, as Liz and Anya comment, is cute.
  3. blessed baby cakes
    blessed baby cakes
    Mr Happy is this a wolf in sheeps clothing? Cute smile, big old innocent eyes, lure the birds in then 'WHACK' he tw*ts them round the head with the torch for his Daddy to fumble with? Good stuff! Teach em young! ;) Beebs
  4. Ozgerbobble
    Are you Happy that he openly plays with your 14" Colon Collapser like that :wink:
  5. Auld-Yin
    That is some glint in his eye - the boy seems to have a good future.