Mass Grave-The Real Thing

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Aussie Digger (Me) In urban fighting kit 5796 Commemorative sign Northampton Barracks BFPO 33 Wolfenbuettel Arctic Sunset 7137 Rifles Pass Out Parade Catterick 2009 map of arnhem in sept 1944 Mass Grave-The Real Thing Innovative Cap Badge Design :0) 1 SCOTS TOS and hackle ARRSE Armistice Day Wreath 2 The Kings and Cheshire Regiment Parade - 18th November 2005 BLMF Med Centre RLC Minor Units Cup 5 Sqn RLC v 51 Port Sqn Hungry Bootneck 5006
  1. bernoulli
    Oh goody! let the fun begin!
  2. Gunny Highway
    Gunny Highway
    Eh? What? Who?? When??
  3. Ozgerbobble
    Is that the new scottish parliament then?
  4. Ivor_Corker
    Which ones Foot and which ones Mouth?
  5. Geordie_Blerk
    It'll take a grave that size to bury the fat twat.