US Marine Dessie MARPAT camo with US Army ACU
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Mr Happy
US Marine Dessie MARPAT camo with US Army ACU
  1. shortshelflife
    is that kid in the back(one with glasses) of that 'bo selecta' :hump: :? that little bear with the woody?
  2. Roadless
    My God man your right, That bear is a f**king Pedo :eek:
  3. Legs
    Is this the photo taken just before the Septics turned around and opened up on full auto, just in case the family were terrorists?
  4. Airfarceone
    The 2 at the back count as MAM, so the Septics would classify that a success
  5. Giblets
    Before and after . . . for reasons of decency, we can't show blah blah blah