Marines visiting Fallujah 2005

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My Hero's - Well I didn't get shot Marines visiting Fallujah 2005 2923 SCOTS GD LAD Garden 4222 A day in the life........ Notice Anything Whats Still Around? The old Admin building Ally Bloke B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4889 Telic8 havin a blaw in baghdaddy Desert patrol water replen 03 Crossing the border, arse twitch time Welcome home
  1. Geordie_Blerk
    Cease fire! Fukcing mutual masturbation session more like. Unload some neat **** into each other's eyes, first to blink is a homo.
  2. Bad_Crow
    Hahaha. Something tells me he has experience in this field and i would lose!
  3. bandofblubbers
    I expect Bad Crow thinks EPC is something you (as a HAT) would drive around in helping the CQMS deliver the rations - Sorry , I suppose the Kings Regiment got involved in some operation...somewhere.. Goose Green? Longdon ? Gulf ? Sierra Leone ? :D
  4. cowtipper
    I love the way this tosser has nicked the photo from AFP and claimed it as his own.
  5. Geordie_Blerk
    Cowtipper is a cock.