Manuel II Palaeologus (1350 - 1425)

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Allah akbarrrrrrrr...  right!! Pimp this for a ride! The world is a safer place now.... A bit nippy tonight aint it! 3758 Wimbledon 2006 has anyone seen it yet? Manuel II Palaeologus (1350 - 1425) 4720 Oops... Busted. Grapeshot 5025 Heavy Lifter III 5193 5420 How many wheatabix??
  1. smudge5611
    Do you think they really listen and understand ANYTHING?!!!!!! Guess i'm on a death list now...ooooh,scared :evil:
  2. crabby
    White/Christian rent a mob would be just as ignorant and fcuking stupid. Did noone think to offer the lovely chap in the photo a bacon sarnie?
  3. eight_three
    Doesn't the mong also realise that Manuel II Palaeologus is already dead? No wait - that would be reasonable
  4. Bad_Crow
    Is he punching the camera man. He looks like a cnut. I hope he calls for a Jihad on me!
  5. scousemech
    curry munchers i fookin sh1t em