A cove very near to Lympstone.<br />
My Grandfather&#039;s ashes were scattered there. He was a...
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7432 on exercise East German Border Patrol 88 My Brick Guess the place Russian gift for friendly Afgans The lines at Sand Hill Lympstone udr/ lancers memorial ballygawley rd 4511 Scimitar 01 bucks pirates, boat troop 73 armd engr sqn and royal marines ,,not 72 armd engr sqn 5312 6695 7255 Home Service Force still around and training!
A cove very near to Lympstone.
My Grandfather's ashes were scattered there. He was a marine, reaching colour sergeant by the end of the WWII. He had lived in lympstone anyway, and at 15 helped build the "harbour wall" that is still there. The day he was demobbed he rode into the camp on the back of his father's Shirehorse in full No.1s.
I thought our booties might like this picture, it being Lympstone.
I can't think of a place more fitting for scattering his ashes - you can see it's a beautiful place
  1. clanker
    Very tranquil and peacefull, nice!
  2. black_maskers
    nice place to sit and remember him.
  3. black8
    A beautiful place to remember the green beret men
  4. kravchick2000
    I could sit there for days...just enjoying the peace and thinking about the fallen. Takes it's toll on us all, huh?
  5. Lizardo
    not wrong mate my house is round the corner, good mix of booties and army in the village