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LSB & M3 side by side

May 03
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ACU in the street op telic church loo's you lost the feeling in your legs sat on this F**ing things. 4219 Westland Wapiti, 84 Sqn, Iraq Can I keep this? B Sqn QRL On Patrol  00 Lynx LSB & M3 side by side chinook resupply Sunny Iraq - Jan 06 Mortars Hanger built from Sheffield Steel, Ironic when the airfield had incoming from the rag heads 4220 Shaibah at dusk good landing if rolled JHF building
May 03
  1. blessed baby cakes
    blessed baby cakes
    i might get shouted down for this, but that's actually pretty bloody impressive........ :?
  2. Dirt_Diver
    i remember this place....
  3. Ozgerbobble
    Did you pass out and wake up underneath it Papa?? aka "8 Ace" :wink:
  4. Golf_one_one
    well it was f*cking dodgy driving over it,