looking for bad guys az zubayr 2003

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  1. the_crimp_off
    You big timing cnut.
  2. Bad_Crow
    Crimp off i have to agree. A few characters did this with foreign weapons. I bet the RMP would love to read your contact report which involved the fact that you used un authorised weapons to kill someone. Use your personal weapon. If you really were "in the thick of it" you will know that 5.56mm hurts them more than enough!
  3. dirty33rd
    since when do monkeys read contact reports? what is there to read "contact wait out"? and i never claimed to off anyone
  4. whocares
    Mmm interesting !!!! Looking for bad guys with your rifle held in your left hand like a toy, ready for them then were you both?
  5. Interceptor
    "contact wait out" is not a contact report. Lets see if you can remember what's in a real one...