Lone Piper - out of the sunset!!! (FOB Keenan)

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Afghan WMIK lie-up point somewhere east of Geresk, Afghanistan Piper Salute 2 hours later. Time for a fag break me thinks!!! 5765 6548 Lone Piper - out of the sunset!!! (FOB Keenan) Local shop in Kabul Sangin humour. 5494 500lb Bomb (FOB Keenan) Marine KIA IN Afghanistan Nomad Boy Literally giving the taliban a roasting in sangin!!! Royals going at it during operation Volcano
  1. Willie_McBride
  2. Bisley_Bob
    Whoa, proper two tone! Great picture.
  3. zubrzycki
  4. orangesoldiersoldier
    lucky he didnt av dihorea
  5. Renut
    Now thats the kind of thing that would strike terror into the hearts of the Taliban :D
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