Londonderry - Bogside

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2LI Forkhill 82 Derryard 89 Belfast 1974 Ass/pnrs 2LI 82 Londonderry - Bogside Gasworks Anti-Tank plt 2LI Ballykinler 77 Londonderry - Bogside Gasworks Gate sentry Turtle armour Macrory Pk May-June 83 Anti-Tank plt Dublin rd south of Newry 76 londonderry 1977 View form V7 - Masonic tower Boruki Sangar Fingers Ruc New Barnsley 1983 from the super sangar
free Derry Corner
  1. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    Youll be lucky to get such a clear photo these days, theres usually a bus load of tourists in front if it having happy snaps taken.
  2. Lee0668
    yes how times have changed in Londonderry
  3. loaded_not_ready
    We used to enjoy vandalising that thing.