londonderry 1977

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Londonderry - Bogside Gasworks Anti-Tank plt 2LI Ballykinler 77 Londonderry - Bogside Gasworks Gate sentry Turtle armour Macrory Pk May-June 83 Anti-Tank plt Dublin rd south of Newry 76 londonderry 1977 View form V7 - Masonic tower Boruki Sangar Fingers Ruc New Barnsley 1983 from the super sangar Forkhill heli-pad 5 aside 82 R21 South Armagh Ugly in 1983 West Belfast! 2LI Anti-tanks Newry UDR Base 77
  1. old_n_fat
    Is this you just before you stormed the choggi shop to your left? Was there from 79-81, can see my old riggers shed. Brings back many happy and drunken memories.
  2. taylortaylor
    its in ebrington barracks 1977