Little Jack and Stumpy the shocking truth at last!

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Recce has a quick peak ... not too obvious .... Embra 05 Rugby1 these do not belong to Dale, Poppy, Snow-white, or me........ Stumpy Does Devon cool as F Embra 05 Little Jack and Stumpy the shocking truth at last! Embra 05 Geesa drink ya bass!!!!!!! Line up..... 2365 The Mouseketeers Oh you lucky ladies! Ant philip and Beanz the morning after the night before......
  1. Toonie
    hows about me and norty wax those legs at the next crawl... all for the charity fund of course ... votes please
  2. Toonie
    Jacks volunteered if the bids are high enough yeeeehaaaaaaaaa !!!!!
  3. J_D
    well if you can't wheel them in................
  4. Renut
    After a few shandys some guys will shag any old dog :lol:
  5. FiveAlpha
    Ahh, Little Jack Homo aka spunkymonkey! Normally there'd be a child holding onto that toy. Dirty sex offender.