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Light Dragoons Scimitars in the snow Bosnia 1994

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  1. Rifle-Green-Sex-Machine
    just asking if you took the bleedin' photo! Jeez, some people! I was there a year after with 2LI and we had a LD Sqn with us - I thought the HCR were there in 94?
  2. Ozgerbobble
    :) Possibly C Sqn as HCR RHG/D was 1994/1995............ LD had squadrons in 1994 supporting DWR and R ANGLIAN.........
  3. Cpl_ripper
    Light baboons were also there supporting 1PWO in '93. Right bunch of tea-leafs
  4. Ozgerbobble
    Oh really...........well at least we weren't cutting people in half with chain gun like you lot at every opportunity :roll:
  5. Cpl_ripper
    Only jealous, And I seem to remember some bunch of monkeys opening up on the Serbs with 30mm?