Last passing out parade at Peninsular Bks!

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HQ 1 Inf Bde circa 1989 Lochnagar Crater 2881 RAF bombing Shubaysh, 1930's LAPEL BADGE Last passing out parade at Peninsular Bks! 5800 dcc7 Grandfather, 1925. Q Sannas Post VC Battery 5th Regt RA R. Lt Raymond VC Sealand Ranges Four South Shields Khanoplers Graebner's Attack by david pentland SAA musuem joburg - Me262 in airforce hall
  1. Henry_Tombs
    A master piece by Sir Christopher Wren, now luxury flats for those that can afford them.
  2. jimmy_jazz
    Spent a year there in JR Coy - Passed out in May 78 - a great place and a great little town :D
  3. bogthing
    I was on that Parade, its good to see Long Block again. I must drag the kids around the museum.