Larger vehicle needed - like a truck?

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Hasani Sabah - The Old Man of the Mountain. New US Medal For those who can't get the real thing....this fires at  560bpm (bands per minute) Corona 2627 3066 Don't ask don't tell Larger vehicle needed - like a truck? 4068 star wars 4388 microsoft 4664 Would You Like a Cup of Coffee? 4932 4973
  1. boney_m
    I see Roberta Winterton is piling on the beef
  2. Mobile_Infantry
    Natural airbags
  3. natotattie
    Is she on her way to the latest arse crawl?
  4. sandmanfez
    No, she's on her way home from the latest Arrse crawl to transfer that mouthful of mixed manfat to her clout via a turkey baster.
  5. Boney2728
    Bet his name is BARRY and he works in Royston Vassey