I didnt feel blanking out my eyes was necessary
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I didnt feel blanking out my eyes was necessary
  1. sugarfree_gum
    I take my hat off to you Anya after all the comments I made on your page ! (now deleted in a gesture of reconcilliation ) Part time , are you refering to RAAF spitfires ?
  2. PartTimePongo
    Yes Sugarfree , the very same. Seen piccies of sevral LST's dumping them off Labuan. Is there a particularly deep ocean trench nearby?
  3. Aunty Stella
    Aunty Stella
    Are you dressed to shag Dale?
  4. sugarfree_gum
    part time . sorry i cant really help you buddy . All the diving I did was round the platform legs and pipe lines . we didnt get time to deviate from the job , there was how ever a very interesting museum on lubuan which highlighted the aussie/uk effort to rid them of the japanese .sorry i cant shed any light on the spitfires . regards
  5. stormtrooper