Is that an MPGS Capbadge

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  1. BayonetPinCushion
    why is the beret badge hanging off?
  2. The_Cheat
    Why is the Amo pouch open? Pouch today... :oops:
  3. Boney2728
    Nice sun glasses. :D
  4. wez155
    REMFFING RAF cnut! Why where a belt and buckle with webbing regardless of it being an assault vest. Oh yeah great idea covering your eyes up, try covering your name up on your rifle aswell!! Tactical Tom! :evil: :evil:
  5. red_phos
    what a c*nt. pouches undone, holding weapon incorrectly, looks like sling is wrapped around TMH (fair one) but he has the weapon attached by a carrabiner (sp?) to his vest. plus he has the gay leg pouch thing on his left leg. total remf hat ****. knob.shitface