In Russia

Yes, he has got his finger up his a***!!
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CrapSpy this is me Mr Boomers enjoying the view at the Safe Sex ball 2655 Having fun in Basra. ME Thank you, (only) solar_powered and AB biscuit for not being so horrid... In Russia 4206 5125 Me and Jim 5321 5735 GWAR 6666 Meeeee and the boys... Yes I'm being groped!
Yes, he has got his finger up his a***!!
  1. J_D
    yep, until the Russians fecked up with their 'torpedo' attempts of Nuc cr@p!
  2. Moon_Monkey_Spunk
    What a bunch of cnuts, bloke on the right is kinda sexy though x
  3. noremorse
    So you're all posing next to a monument praising red commie crap, hope at least one of you pissed on it.
  4. Fones_4_Me
    That bloke on the far right looks proper hard....The bloke on the far left just looks old, the bloke second from the left looks like a Mlaarrrrrrrer, and the women second from the right looks like a bloke!!!
  5. dpm_mirkin
    The bloke on the far right is missing this citroen saxo! Chavsville! And get some jeans that fit you!