How we were?

We looked so good in the 80s
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We looked so good in the 80s
  1. biohazardboots
    Hang on mate - i've just been issued some of your old kit - both of my noddy suites have a worn out left knee and elbow. Allthough i think your old helmet is now used as armour on the Lannie!
  2. Fallschirmjager
    I take it these are walts??? S10 respirator with old helmet!!!!
  3. Cutaway
    And DPM Noddy suits - but what about the baseplate ?
  4. TheLordFlasheart
    It's all a bit confusing. One chap has an S6 ressy, the other two S10's, steel lids, SMG in the back ground. The base plate isn't exactly dug in. Walts? Don't think so. Probably TA with mix n match kit like that. Mid 80's or early 90's if STAB's. Yesterday if Walts. :cyclopsani: