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How not to drive a minibus

For those who might need to know...
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For those who might need to know...
  1. WhiteHorse
    I like the use of a low visibility colour and the chrome bumper, did we start white fleets or did the Yanks?
  2. Interceptor
    The route was fine when I drove the bus through the other direction. It took me 4 goes to get it this stuck. Driven by a Major, navigated by a Major, egged on by 9 other Majors. Ho, hum...
  3. admag
    Southern craftsman time again then where's your 1340 boys
  4. noremorse
    Move the stick thing to where it says R, then put your foot on that pedal thing on the floor.
  5. Interceptor
    Tried that, Noremorse. Tried everything. The engine block was resting on the floor and the wheels spun merrily in the mud. Happy days.