Highway Decorators

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Guard of Honour Soviet War Memorial Berlin Flax Street Mill 1974 Army Aviation Memorial Tree Alrewas 1974 16 sqn Ice luge at Headley Court xmas party Viking ice sculpture luge Highway Decorators Support Our Troops poster 201 bty THE JACKETS found these two on tinternet C met troop ca 1975 Arnhem during summertime Liberation Monument Eve of Remembrance Day 2006 Project Adnon
  1. Cutaway
    8O Harley Davidson ?????? 8O
  2. Ozgerbobble
    Hoots Man, its the Highland Division....lock up your sheep
  3. galgenberg
    "O whaur,Tell me whaur has ma Heilan' laddie gone?"
  4. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
  5. sweatysock
    The Fighting 51st!! Miles Better than the new "peugeot" badge