hey goodlooking - fnar fnar!

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Pax Vobiscum heres one for the lads - best wishes - Duggie_chester - more to follow!!! Slippery when wet! 1806 2106 Oldsnowy hiding behind the C Sativa bully and smoojalooge go to war telic 1 hey goodlooking - fnar fnar! The Army broke me, and now this is my playground - and I get paid to play here! Coffee time. Birddog and Nookie 3883 Stockers in Speedos slate this GTi PTI 4446 For PTP
  1. sandmanfez
    Are you "auburn", or is your head rusty?
  2. Fang_Farrier
    Lurking in a kiddies playpark?
  3. TheLordFlasheart
    More work on the comb over.
  4. Mighty_doh_nut
    And some bleach on those yellow teeth
  5. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    Is it a solar panel for a Lurrrrrrve machine? Baldy freak.