Hells Most Wanted!

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For all the perverts out there One for the speed cameras! WMD It works on Recruits 2823 2907 3082 Hells Most Wanted! Well at least she is honnest Bush's little country cabin Screamin Punkz Iraqi Pimpin 3604 terrorist leader killed hmm.. yes,i think we are liberal fvckers aye? ;) Why DO dogs sniff each others Arrses?
  1. brewmeister
    Who are the three on the bottom row?
  2. Cloggie
    The one on te right is Timothy McVeigh,in the middle Charlie Manson? Dunno about the bloke on the left though.
  3. brewmeister
    One glaring omission. The Rt Hon Tony Blair.
  4. TheLordFlasheart
    And the shaved chimp, Bush. I believe the chap on the left is Geofrey Dharmer. Ask mdn about him, he was shit scared for months until he was caught. Dharmer used to eat gay boys.