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Happy days

Back in the days when we knew who the bad guys where
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2LI Ass/pnrs Combat Engr's Course 79 borucki sanger Divis mountain Belfast 1984 Bessbrook dismantling R16 Newry West Belfast '93' rolled wagon Happy days end of era BNAG! Golf 40 Ebrington Bks 1993 Golf 40 Bessbrook mill HLS Bessbrook mill aftermath of mk9 mortar attack xmg 1993
Back in the days when we knew who the bad guys where
  1. Kaye
    Given the position this picture was taken from, you did indeed know who the enemy was...Did you take this pic down the scope of your Dragunov?
    Best thing about the Cans was the noise they made,a lovely howl
  3. Busta-Gut
    Agree about the sound, I remember the aircraft style seat, the upside down steering wheel, the tiny gear lever, and the pre-clutch that could at times knock your knee into the dashboard.