handsome legionaire in calvi..1996

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THIS SHOULD BE GOOD Capt Plume does CIMIC me at home in oz pre iraq down with work! 3904 Stoatman and Cloggie with the ARRSE Caravanning Club Billy Big Timer Spooning at 13,500 ft. handsome legionaire in calvi..1996 5181 5337 5409 5676 6312 Me playing Guitar GD Shadow, Kesh 79 474
  1. Henry_Tombs
    Gosh don't the French Traffic Wardens look smart.
  2. Cutaway
    Oooh ! Is this a pic from the lying cut ?
  3. Henry_Tombs
    Actually the more you look at the picture it appears to be a "cut & paste" of the face, or should that be a "cnut & paste".
  4. Cholmondley-Warner
    Gay; very gay. Or have you got soemthing stuck up your ring piece?