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Parachuting into Norway bad jump!   baaaadd jump!!!! 3611 3865 Prince Charles, 50th Arnhem Anniversary, 17th September 1994. 5045 Ballooning on Hankley Common halo halo static line halo open chute red devils NBC 5805 6114
  1. sandmanfez
    Jah, mit Sig.
  2. PassingBells
    Elephantiasis of the hands?
  3. Interceptor
    Is that a kiddies Timex training watch?
  4. Cutaway
    Not a watch but a Life Timer. It tells you how long you've got left to live.
  5. Kneeslider
    He's got the white helmet, where's his Honda stepthrough or is that folded away like his toy gun. Like the comments about the timex and elephantitus, you guys should go into comedy, fu***ng hilarious....