Hail to the Master Chief

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Sponsored by the US State Dept. Now we know how to select our aircrew! And who said the Wessex was ugly? New Recruits!!? Banja Luka 2LI BG Jan 1996 Star of Lad's Army The Bloody Eleventh Hail to the Master Chief Sandhurst Memories Chopper inbound THEM Certificate The stare... Alternative ANA design The CSM Think yourself lucky. Unlucky!
  1. Its_a_troop!!
    Thats because you are a knobhead!
  2. eight_three
    You guys are just obsessed with gays, it begs some questions...
  3. Its_a_troop!!
    I said you were a knobhead not a fudgenudging arrse packer type knobhead! you bellend!
  4. eight_three
    Oh, I feel SO much better.
  5. Kaye
    83, you need some fresh air, some exercise and a proper shoeing... :plotting: