gun salute for queens b-day

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Mount Kent, Falkland Islands CH MBT 2259 Support Our Troops ! 2534 Now THIS is a big Bang Complete Pioneer Otterburn gun salute for queens b-day my baby 201 Bty 100 reg Christmas is Cancelled - Santa on Ops 4909 Bastion Mar '06 This used to be me, long time ago 16th/5th Lancers on East German border 11 platoon C Coy 1 RGJ Falklands 95
  1. Gonzo
    Fort George?
  2. Sixty
    Stirling Castle
  3. smallbrownprivates
    ah yes, can see the DS answer Anchor OP for UFCT FMs in background.... or the wallace memorial as its better known
  4. pomps
    photographer = pies, pies, pies
  5. Cabarfeidh
    And my uni at the foot - I wondered where the drop shorts were coming from that day!