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ROY! 2374 TOPCAT pee'd himself..... honest badness 2011 EMBRA 05 2375 Jest guinessfrenzy St George's Day Crawl Flag EMBRA 05 Chesterfield May 27 2006 Healer and Bennett Early Doors Dales thoughts on GG's talking....... ARRSE CYPRUS RIBBON Embra 05
  1. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    I don't remember that one being advertised. Mind you, not even I was born when this was taken.
  2. Oyibo
    I'm sure I recognise the guy on the far left. What year was the photo taken - in my day we did not allow gingers in the mess. Please tell me the guy bottom right is not ginger...
  3. crabby
    Is that a shit'tache bottom right??
  4. Heavy-ferry
    Right, I want £1,000 in used note or I name you all!!!