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Our Lad Ricky - Aged 17 Buller Barracks Static line Acting the goat BAOR 1963 le2 There ye go. Me! Rincewind Episode VI Greengrass UQ working hard in 2004 My unit on Exercise with the TA. Something for you guys About the most warry thing I ever did was pose with this beauty. Did it ! 3554 Extras He is a ginger and here's proof
  1. biohazardboots
    Will you accept my award or go to court martial? Ok, RSM, the oil..............
  2. Civilian _In _Green
    Civilian _In _Green
    Hmmm "storeman order some mor size 100/120/120"
  3. Baghdad-Brit
    WRAC-Crack is back !!
  4. Hitlerwasabitnaughty
    Funny - when I first saw this picture I thought it was Dale.:oops:
  5. Dale the snail
    Dale the snail
    The water melon has already been inserted.