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Gravelbelly, circa 1979

Hey, it was the 122 Section APWT at Magilligan. My first APWT pass. The anorak is hideously...
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Hey, it was the 122 Section APWT at Magilligan. My first APWT pass. The anorak is hideously embarrassing, but then so am I......
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  2. anony
    Keep the weapon pointing DOWN the range...
  3. herbie_53
    does the back part of your head hair grow faster than the front or was your last haircut a short top and front?
  4. firestarter
    Lord of the Flies?
  5. Gravelbelly
    Yup, about twelve. Apparently, the section couldn't hit a cow in the arse with the Banjo. In a fit of motivational effort, Dad dragged me along, gave me ten minutes coaching on "how to fire a pistol", and I tried my hand at the APWT. And I didn't come last........
    Strangely, they started to improve after that. Must have been the embarrassment that at least two of those hardened operators ;) couldn't beat a kiddie at his first attempt. PS It is pointing down range, the target's just out of pictu
  6. bampot
    jesus ,is that ronnie corbett