Grand Prix 90

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  1. TIK TAK
    Is that a defender 90 long wheel base or a series 2A? i cant tell sorry
  2. George Shuttleworth
    George Shuttleworth
    No such thing as Defender 90 LWB. Def' 110 was the LWB
  3. George Shuttleworth
    George Shuttleworth
    PS, It would've been a series 3 109 if not a DEF 110 (Dash is behind steering wheel. on series 2a it's in centre console.)
  4. Bollock-chops
    Series 3, defender 110s and 90s felt like proper cars in comparison
  5. George Shuttleworth
    George Shuttleworth
    And the obvious difference between Ser'3 and def' 110 is the leaf suspension of course.