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  1. The-Daddy
    No need to worry - Dell deliver!
  2. Henry_Tombs
    The look on the donkeys face tells me that "Johney Foreigner" is giving it one! :(
  3. Cloggie
    You recognize it? Is the donkey's look a familiar one to you then HT?
  4. Henry_Tombs
    Er hum...well it was a long time ago actually and I recall the lights had fused in the mess, Mrs Tombs was still in Blighty and the steward had left a decanter of port on the mess table, and the next thing I knew Jennifer (the donkey) and I were found in "flagrante delicto" and the CO wanted to see me in the morning, strange that, he usually offered me coffee..... :(
  5. biohazardboots
    Well bugger me, thats a 3 legged donkey!