GPMG shoot Albania 2006

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  1. sandmanfez
    Albania looks like a good walking/climbing venue. Whats the talent/food/beer like?
  2. lash
    Talents great but you have to get past her mother/gran/aunt etc. Foods good with big portions, cost less than £30 for 8 of us to eat. Beers okay and cheap too, the local beer was pretty good. Watch out for the local brew- Raki, its strong and they make it themselves
  3. sandmanfez
    No problem, its Albania, killing all the female relatives probably hardly raises an eyebrow. Right, wheres my passport? :D
  4. tearsbeforebedtime
    Its the male relatives you have to watch out for! They are pikeys of the highest order.
  5. kravchick2000
    How the hell did you miss a MOUNTAIN?