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Stoatman at play The good bye before crossing the lake salute Me and my Canadian Chums. Oh to sit and think 1400 Its Dunny goo goo us lookin fit! lol 4846 Me..... Yes, I know the sunnies are not ASOD ok!! behind the name the person Canada's awsome... :S 5711 6013 10
  1. BitterandTwistedArtisan
    ffs, you need to try an atkins diet. That will sort you out; MUNTER
  2. Jaeger
    Jesus wept, is this what the Grenadiers have come to?
  3. Random_Task
  4. MissMoneypenny
    *penny runs off to puke*
  5. nottinghamgirl
    OMG There he is again! Needs arresting, if you ask me.... :?