Goatman, Telic One

Can't be doing with it.....
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Can't be doing with it.....
  1. Goatman
    yeah - but in Umm Qasr rather than Basra - Ops Capt made the stamp the Iraqi Immigration Service used....and it wasn't a Kingo it was "High Priest of the Temple of Filth" Shacks - the barsteward - who persuaded me to go for the Kojak haircut......nor, might I add, has it feckin' grown back !
  2. sandmanfez
    :lol: Did Shacks also suggest that you shave your legs?
  3. Goatman
    yeah...but as I'd left my Claud Butler racing bike in the UK there didn't seem much point....
  4. strikeforce
    Didn't you notice the suspect bundle to your right? And is this posture the new slope arms? :D
  5. Goatman
    me driver's AWOL bag IIRC, what ? Trizers? Nice egg BTW Bad CO - cheers !