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get your tubes looked at join the mortar platoon

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Jungle warfare was never been so much fun.... how else we going to pay for the war! Safety first 2861 How Septics Deal With Loneliness 3598 omc get your tubes looked at join the mortar platoon New Canadian recce vehicle Reid briefing 4728 4761 5271 Maybe in their backyard ? 5941 Well it made me laugh anyway!
  1. Gun_Doc
    The 51mm mortar covers it with ease
  2. Legs
    That is wrong on so many levels....
  3. the_butler
    how the fk do I remove all traces of this from my pc
  4. Taffnp
    Why are u taking it to PC world ?
    Reminds me of the Johnny Jingles Dingle Tingle, pop a D cell battery in the pipe an then yr wang. "man test moment" is to let it rip. Is this where the name "spunk mortar" came from?