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  1. noremorse
    oooh crabby aren't we a clever little twat using sweary words, now go home your dinner's out.
  2. Un-Friendly-Fire
    You can almost hear "America **** yeah...savin the motherfuckin day yeah" Im still interested whats in the building that must be smited?
  3. crabby
    un-friendly-fire, I believe that's the building that housed Uday etc back when they were slotted. But it may well not be. Noremorse, go play with traffic
  4. noremorse
    Dear me, well crabby seeing as you're so bored now that school's back, leat's play your childish game, no I can't play with traffic, I'm too busy boffing your mum, sister, gran etc. yawn... your turn!
  5. Giblets
    They wos on a sight-seeing tour - they're wearing the gear but they're just fat yank tourists!