Get on the tank ? We thought you said Get on and have a **** !!

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B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4889 Telic8 havin a blaw in baghdaddy Desert patrol water replen 03 Crossing the border, arse twitch time Welcome home Get on the tank ? We thought you said Get on and have a **** !! 32 FEET!!!!! Home's that way 4223 Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.... Basrah International Airport B Sqn QRL On Patrol 4890 Is that an MPGS Capbadge
  1. DozyBint
    Anyone want to give me odds on the chances of me being invited by HR for an interview without coffee if I use this as my PC wallpaper…? (PS Nice bums – I’d bite ‘em!)
  2. TheLordFlasheart
    bbc, your fav is a drooling Rotty with a panchant for dribbling over a farmyard animal. Didnt Tamzin have to find the culprits in a similar 'position' in a episode of Redcaps?
  3. eve1962
    Nice ass on the left - ooher :p
  4. 59_hopeful
    actually havin a tommy tank on a tank!
  5. Bigdil
    good thing hes wearin sunnies caus th moons a bit bright 8)