found these two on tinternet

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1974 16 sqn Ice luge at Headley Court xmas party Viking ice sculpture luge Highway Decorators Support Our Troops poster 201 bty THE JACKETS found these two on tinternet C met troop ca 1975 Arnhem during summertime Liberation Monument Eve of Remembrance Day 2006 Project Adnon Royal Artillery Stable Belt Colours Northampton Barracks BFPO 33 ? Wolfenbuettel 5871 Help for Heroes - Battlefield Bike Ride - wreaths at Thiepval
  1. kravchick2000
    Aw, guys, give Bullfrog a break. He was trying to be serious for a mo'.
  2. Its_a_troop!!
    serious my arrse! its septic shite and no one wants to see it!
  3. Tartan_Terrier
    Poor guy, frozen solid whilst waiting for a bus. I like his hanky though.
  4. Filbert Fox
    Filbert Fox
    why the trumptonite is looking so glum? doesnt look like hes in the centre of New York to me! Utter septic shite. Poor SPAMs, why do they think that theyre the only ones to have ever been affected by terrorism? tossers.
  5. chocolate_frog
    The hanky is to tidy up after the annual NYFD bukkake party.