Fortress lines from the air

My new house for a while
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Playtime at the AL Jameat. 22 Telic 3 From the Cordon at an IED attack in Basra Big_Ks holiday home Digging in! Swimming What a IED does to an ambulance Fortress lines from the air Whoops Soldiers getting out of a helicopter Roof cover 1.5MW Generator being lifted into place Border Fort Catching rays Chinook Inbound 3 RHA on TELIC
My new house for a while
  1. Bad_Crow
    We handed that back on Op4. Is this post out of date???
  2. Letterwritingman
    Has to be fortress was the last place to get hesco....and they were engineers ffs and yes it was handed back on T4
  3. Mr Happy
    Mr Happy
    isn't this an opsec thing for any raghead trying to tgt the communal buildings?
  4. Interceptor
    They can target the buildings all they like, Mr Happy. They. Were. Handed. Back. On TELIC. 4. Understanday vous?