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It's 'coz I'z Black innit? RMP subject to CDT investigation The Company Car 1310 Papa and Grandson me 0311Matt for the lads in chat Posing, me? Plant-pilot's been given the 'rocket' so often.... here's the proof! Wobbly coffee!  Splendid! Uncle Fester? 4882 professionalism lol me Soltau 1976
  1. jobsworth
    I'd like to glaze you like a doughnut
  2. noddysigs
    there must b summin wrong with you if u need to put ya pic on here! do u have a dick?
  3. Geordie_Blerk
    Yup and the chances are it was larger than your clitoral boil. You hat ****.
  4. noddysigs
    OH LOL, geordie, are you having a virtual relationship with a pic, ya saddo
  5. Geordie_Blerk
    No, I'm winding you up. It worked.