Fcuk it, come on lads, i want ABUSE!

please please please *PRAYS for abuse* <img src="styles/default/xenforo/clear.png"...
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please please please *PRAYS for abuse* :D
  1. Cait
  2. Tels_Muppet
    oh come on cait, me and you did the wild stuff fella! better response required! ;) oh and slips, get some 'balls' woman! Anyone would think you're middle-aged and single!......... ;) p.s. balls woman ;)
  3. Cait
    Im sure if i was doing the "wild stuff" i'd remember nailing a front row contender for a Disney parade, take your issue soldering iron and jam it down your p.iss slit, so you cant pollute the gene pool Jiminy Cricket.
  4. Tels_Muppet
    REOW!!! hit a nerve eh? looks like you'll be at the pride rally son. have fun!
  5. Cait