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I'm the bloke on the right hand side of the screen
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Greengrass UQ working hard in 2004 My unit on Exercise with the TA. Something for you guys About the most warry thing I ever did was pose with this beauty. Did it ! 3554 Extras He is a ginger and here's proof BB Busking another look at that slr Gleave - Sexy Stuff 5233 CDT CJ up scarfel 5990
I'm the bloke on the right hand side of the screen
  1. The-Daddy
  2. Interceptor
    Please note the "Ladies Only" sign in the background
  3. crabtastic
    What a bunch of *****. Ludwig! Spark up the gas chamber, we've got another bunch!
  4. scaleybac
    All officers, all cnuts! I'd put money on both, and how did you manage to get the pic taken 2 months in the future?
  5. MontyB
    The tall girl on the left appears to be scratching her snatch