Enfield XL70

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CETME Ameli, The Mini MG42/3 Heard some ***** about these back on telic 1 from an interpreter Type 11 Jap MG, Weird but its magazine hopper is interesting Homie with STEN Rare STEN Mk4 Lanchester SMG The Ultimate STEN Enfield XL70 3477 sorry but the FN-SCAR the only good fn i know GPMG Cadre Albania 2006 GPMG shoot Albania 2006 GPMG Cadre Albania 2006 Sword 1 5358 6080
  1. Cutaway
    Browno you are a walt mong - get a grip of reality FFS !
  2. Oneshot
    If i wanted to see lots of guns I's pop down the armoury or get a copy of Janes!!!
  3. boney_m
    Is there a gallery MOD? Wouldnt a wiki page, devoted to Browno's love of all things small arms be more appropriate?
  4. Toon~France
    isn't that a prelim for the SA80 looks more solid mind!